Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Friends from Bongolo!

Keir and Joanna Thelander; Jack and Carolyn Ewig; Christopher Edman, myself; Bill and Marly Wilson 

In August we spent a wonderful evening together at the Ewig's farm in Dayton Ohio with Keir and Joanna Thelander, on furlough from Gabon! Joanna and Keir have served 5 years in Gabon with their two children Luke and Sarah. Keir is a surgeon and Program Director of PAACS at Bongolo. Dr. Bill and Dr. Jack are the two surgeons who were kind enough to let me tag along with them on their trip to Bongolo in March =) Bill and Jack have made an annual trip to Bongolo for the past several years, training the surgical residents and operating on cases of their specialties. Their wives, Carolyn and Marly have been very supportive in their role there. Christopher is exploring a possible future role filling existing needs for project management and/or I.T. support.

It was encouraging to get together over a meal and hear the updates of how God has been working in Bongolo and to begin planning future trips! It was a blessing to gather with friends who all share a common bond of serving the Lord in different ways at Bongolo Hospital! (See newly added slideshow for photos from our trip in March to Gabon...)