-For how God has been working amidst the nurses at the spiritual retreats

-For His provision in finishing up this 3rd trimester and my first year of teaching!

-For how God has been revealing Himself in the small group Bible study on the Names of God with my small group of students this trimester  


-For Eric, a patient and new believer at the hospital(see post "Faces of Bongolo"). We have been meeting for discipleship several times a week, since December we have studied through John, Acts and now we are in Romans.Please pray for wisdom and insight as I try to explain these truths in Romans which are specifically confronting Eric's pre-held beliefs. Also, pray for understanding for Eric as we work through his questions.

-For the surgical (PAACS) residents' wives as we meet weekly for a time of prayer and Bible study on the Names of God. Pray that I might be able to teach truth clearly and also pray for courage and growth for the women as I encourage them to begin taking responsibility in leading some of the Bible study sessions.

-Pray for the anesthesia coverage in the OR and coverage in the ICU/Recovery room at the hospital. Pray that God would continue providing qualified personnel to fill the critical needs. Pray for strength and wisdom as I try to help fill-in for those needs, sometimes having to float back and forth between the 2 areas in order to provide safe patient care.