Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hard Days

Zebadiah (19), Jonathan (22), Amanda (24)

 Today my little brother left for the Navy.
 I knew this day was coming, but it didn't make it any easier. 
Yet I know it marks just the first of many, missed, important days back home. 

You know it's funny, after nearly 3 months of living in France, you'd think it'd be easy to believe I actually live here. After having to set up a French bank account, French cell phone and a local Library card- after getting used to getting my groceries on foot, irregular store hours, finding my baking soda at the pharmacy, not having easy access to fresh milk, baking without chocolate chips and cooking without pitted olives, you'd think it would have sunk in.

It didn't feel real until today. 

 I love my little brothers. 
I am so proud of them.

Jonathan will soon follow. 
After he graduates Nyack College in May, he will head to the Army in August. 

A lot of change for our family.

Yet I am reminded of Matthew 19:29

"And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name's sake..."

 Please keep our family in your prayers, and especially Zeb right now, as he takes this first big step-he's being sworn in as I post this.

With love from France,