Sunday, October 27, 2013


Hello to All!

"Old Faithful" 

 The sound of the drum and tambourine danced together as voices mounted up with sounds of joy and praise. The congregation began to dance in one over-arching motion, several stepping out, making their movements around the table at the front of the low-lit mud brick building. 
They were lifting their voices, praising the Lord for what he had done.
A tornado, not too long ago had swept through their village, taking the roof of the next door parsonage as it had passed. Thankfully their lives had been spared, but there the house sat bald and empty, waiting for its occupants to fill it once more. 
This small village church- KANDA, not 20 minutes out from Bongolo, is in the process of gathering the money that they have amongst themselves to finish repairing the damage to their building- so that the young man, trained as a lay-leader who has been assigned to lead this small congregation, might have a place to live. 
For them it marks a sign of stability- that this young, new leader is here to stay.

The believers at KANDA

I stood clapping, singing and rejoicing with them as they continued to sing in their tribal language, the sand of the dirt floor gritting under my sandals and my back side thankful to be standing after sitting on the narrow wooden bench. 
I don't know many words yet in the local tribal language, but this song I did know. 
They were singing it after announcing the offering that had come in that day for the new roof on the building - 60,000 cfa  or $120- a sacrifice of gargantuan proportions for this little village. 
And the song they were singing? 

"He who performs miracles- He is in Heaven. And He who is in Heaven, He performs great miracles."

The parsonage still mid repairs

The "Nursery" - these kids take care of the little ones at the back of the church

This little guy wanted his picture taken like the big kids- despite his
fervent fear of my iPod

The Drummer & His Drums
-  just some old cartons and barrels but highly effective.

Just wanted to share with all of you a taste of church out here in the jungle! 
As we head into the month of November, please consider praying each Sunday for the church at Kanda as you head in to worship at your own church. 
Pray for the young, lay-leader of this small but devoted congregation, pray that more in the village would come to know Christ and that God would be developing a deep and fervent faith among his people.

So thankful for your love, prayers and support. 
Enjoy a breath of the crisp, fall air for me! : )  

Love from the Jungle,
           ~ Amanda

P.S. Before the rains of the rainy season hit in October, I really wanted to ford the river down the mountain from where we live. I was really excited to have a crew of colleagues and visitors who wanted to join my little expedition. We set out expecting a little wet wading across some sand and rocks and ended up waist deep climbing over submerged rocks and giant logs trying to avoid getting knocked over by the current. It took us about an 1 1/2 hrs, but we made it!
It was so great to just be outside, enjoying the fresh air, the cool water and a mini adventure.
It certainly lifted my spirits
And Praise the Lord we did not run into any water snakes! 

 Afterwards-enjoying wading in the edge of the river. Notice Bongolo Church on top of the hill.
The Hospital and Nursing School are to the left of it.
Also the 2 boys were looking for a lost flip-flop in the river and totally showed us up crossing the river : )

With Joanna, one of my colleagues and close friend here at Bongolo
Headed back to the Station from the river.