Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 120

Happy May to All!

"April Showers" has lived up to it's name here, we welcome May with open arms =)
Day 120...that I've been in Albertville, France.

It's hard to believe that there are just 53 days left here in Albertville!
Graduation is June 22nd, coming very soon!

Lot's of news since I last wrote.
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More details below...

1. Exams! Praise the Lord, by God's grace I passed the A2 level French exams! This is the first of 2 major exams in my six months here, this one being especially challenging as I was put in a class in the middle of the curriculum. I am now preparing for the B1 exams which will be held the end of June- keep praying for that mind like a sponge! =)

2. French Medical Vocab Class: there is an opportunity in July, to take a 3 week medical vocab course in the South of France, following my time in Albertville. After talking it over with the team in Gabon, we've decided this would be a good opportunity to get a little more French, especially Medical, before heading on to Gabon since I will only have 6 months of language school instead of a year.

3. New Departure Date: Due to the French Medical Vocab class, I will now be leaving the 21st/22nd of July and Lord willing arrive in Gabon in time for Field Forum, July 23rd-27th. I'm excited to get to Bongolo!

4. Teaching Classes! I found out what I will be teaching! The Nursing school at Bongolo will be begin classes in September for the new school year. It looks as though as of now, I will be teaching the course in Nursing Techniques in the afternoons and will be doing clinicals with the students at the hospital in the mornings.

5. Devotional: This week I gave my first devotional in French, for the entire school. It is an assignment everyone has during their time here, and usually one everyone is glad to see the back of  =) It was a really good exercise, to communicate how God is working and shaping me in a language that is not my own. I praise God for his continued grace and enabling as I strive to make this language my adopted heart language. I am so thankful to God for the opportunity to be here to learn French, and it is a reminder to keep pressing on, to one day be able to share with the Gabonese, whom this God is we serve!

6. Spring Break: Mid April brought a much needed 2 week Spring break. Post exams we were all completely fried, but we still had 3 more weeks of school to push through. So when it came we were all more than ready =) The first week I was able to catch up on administrative details and take a spiritual retreat day which was very refreshing. The second week I had a friend visit me from the States and we were able to travel with a couple of the girls here to a small non-tourist coastal town in Italy for the week. We had a wonderful time there, although our travels there and back were marked by many unexpected challenges and adventures! I hope to post more photos soon...

Thank you to all for your prayers and your continued sacrificial financial support!

With Love from France,

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  1. Amanda, you are such a wonderful daugther. Thank you for following hard after God's heart. I am thankful you are "not a fan" of Jesus but you continually demonstrate what it means to be a fully committed follower of Christ.

    I love you,