Monday, August 13, 2012

On The Ground

Hey All!
Well I've been in Gabon about 3 weeks.
What in the world have I been up to you ask?
Take a look over the next couple posts =) ...

The first week we had our Field Forum.

The Gabon Team + the short term team from Allegheny Center Alliance Church

 The entire Gabon team met at a hotel in Lambarene, a town about 4 hours into the jungle on the 10 hr drive to Bongolo. So off we went in our 4x4s...

Off to Lambarene!

We passed many interesting things, here are just a few...

Furniture for Sale along the main highway

Vegetables for sale

A homestead

Lovely faces at the market

The Equator and the Highway Rest Area... (aka pick a bush ;-)

The week was filled with business meetings but also time of worship together in English, hearing from the word in English and prayer. We were all so thankful to the team from Allegheny Center who lead us in worship, brought us the word and taught the kids in VBS.

We also had lots of fun getting to know each other better- like our team wide photo scavenger hunt in Lambarene =)

The locals seemed to have fun helping us in our crazy game- although I can just hear the conversations over dinner that night- "did you see the crazy white people running around taking pictures today??"

We also enjoyed taking a little boat out onto the river and just talking and soaking in the jungle that surrounded us. It was so surreal to be on a little paddle boat on a river in the middle of the jungle in Africa. We are so not in Kansas anymore...

Getting closer to Bongolo...

And then the week ended and it was time to head to Bongolo! I was so excited and anxious to get on the road and head to my new home! Since we were half way into the jungle, it was only another 5 hour drive.

The bridge right before heading to the hospital- we're almost there!

Yaay, we made it!!!

So sweet of the Holsenbacks and their 2 y.o. daughter Elena....

Barry and Terry Newman are so gracious to take me in these first couple weeks.
The container has not yet arrived with my bed and stuff to move into my house, but I am so thankful after this long road, to see the fruit of God's leading and to finally be at Bongolo!
Thank you for your faithful prayers.
Love and miss you all.

              Love from the Jungle,


  1. Excellent Amanda! I taught VBS at Gabon's field forum in 2001, so this all brought back wonderful memories. I've been to Lambarene. Enjoy your journey. Many are praying for you. We go to the Rome Alliance Wed. night prayer meeting and several pray for you and your brothers and your parents every week. Jon Baldwin especially remembers your smile. Hugs from next door.

  2. Hello! I am a nurse here in the Middle East and I came across your blog. It was exciting to read about your experiences there. I hope all is well there!