Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pray With Us This Friday

Hello to All!
We are excited to announce an upcoming ministry starting this Friday, May 31st.
Bongolo will be hosting a series of small group spiritual retreats for our Gabonese nursing staff. 
Over the past few months, God has been laying the details in place for these 5 Friday evenings, continuing through the end of June. His answer comes after much prayer for the spiritual renewal and vitality of our nursing staff, who after many years of working short staffed, carrying heavy patient loads with limited resources, and pouring themselves into the spiritual care of their patients, have become weary and burnt-out.

Pray for God's annointing on the teachers of His word during these retreats and that the Holy Spirit would speak to His children and break the strong holds of long-hardened hearts.

We are excited about what God is going to do in our midst.
Please consider partnering with us in prayer in the coming weeks. 
Consider praying for one, two or all of the Friday evenings as a small group, as a church Body, as a family, as a group of friends or in your personal prayer time.
The evenings go from 5:30-9:00 pm jungle time (12:30-4:00pm EST).
May 31st, June 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.
Thank you for praying for this critical piece of the ministry here.

It is a joy to serve Him together with you.
Love from Jungle,

"So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord—who is the Spirit—makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image."
~ 2 Corinthians 3:18

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  1. I've been thinking about you and will be praying through the day for the staff to be really refreshed and rested by the time together. Thanks for sharing!