Friday, February 28, 2014


Hello Everyone!

It is a great joy to announce that the costs of the transformer fire are 
Our team received the news this past Wednesday. 
We are overwhelmed, grateful and in awe of our God.

We had a time of singing and prayer, rejoicing, thanking the Lord for this incredible work He has done, and thanking Him for you - for your sacrifice and obedience to the Lord - and praying God's multiplied blessings over you and your families.
Look at what God has done:
New generator cost: $175,000
Daily generator usage during power outage: $600/ day 
(praise the Lord we were able to reduce this from $1000/day by teaming up in our homes and at the hospital to conserve electricity)  
Generator Maintenance: including new transfer switch:  $8,000


 As I reflected on the fact that this overwhelming and consuming debt was now "paid in full," it was a reminder to me of the incredible debt on our ledgers before a Holy God. 
I was struck afresh by GRACE, as the Father reminded me that through His provision, my debt too is 
We are living here in the jungle to tell a people in darkness that they don't have to live in debt anymore. They no longer need be bound by sin, pride, adultery, sorcery, fetishes.
The One true God wants to cleanse them, free them, pluck them out of darkness- their creator longs to Pay their Debt in Full. 

Is your debt Paid in Full?
Who where you are, needs to hear that their debt too can be Paid in Full? 

Thank you for ministering here alongside us, equipping us to obey our God in reaching and serving the people of Gabon. 
May God richly bless you and your family. 

Thank You!!!

                       from the Jungle,                
                      ~Amanda (and the Bongolo Team)    

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