Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 2 at ECHO!

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to Day 2 at Echo! Fun Facts and Photos from the day...

Automatic sinks - jungle style ;-)

So the Tippy Tap is a hands free washing station where you tap the wood with a string and so tip the container of water to wash your hands. String, a thin piece of wood and a detergent bottle are all you need. You use less water this way than trying to manually pour the water yourself, and with the addition of the suspended soap bar beside it, you've got a convenient automatic sink-wherever you can hammer in a nail.

Twin goats

These goats are housed in a shelter and feeding pen elevated about 2 ft off the ground. This means the goats stay contained, not eating the surrounding crops, and manure is neatly gathered underneath the pen for easy fertilizer.


Moringa trees

The Moringa tree is a fascinating food source that God created, providing the 2 most basic needs to survive: clean water and nutrition. 

Moringa leaves.

See the amazing nutrition facts of Moringa leaves below! Can you imagine what a resource this would be for a mother trying to adequately feed her malnourished 3 year old?

 Moringa seeds are also useful in providing clean water....

1-Moringa seeds from seed pod - 2-removed from shell - 3- crushed into powder

 The powder of 1 Moringa seed + 1 litre of water, binds the dirt and bacteria, turning water from this.........to this.

Before and After
[Melanie (nurse practitioner) and Jennifer (RN), 2 new friends from the course also heading overseas.]

So in case you couldn't tell, I'm fascinated by the Moringa tree and what a tool it is for us to use, especially in impoverished nations. Next step is to find out what it would take to grow in Gabon! 

I'll leave you with a few snapshots from my stroll around the farm today.

"All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flowers of grass. 
The grass withers, and the flower falls, 
but the word of the Lord remains forever."
And this word is the good news that was preached to you.  1Pt.1:24-25

Love from "the jungles" of Florida,
~ Amanda

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  1. We just had David Strong here from Thailand, talking about the Moringa tree and it's benefits. Praying for you!