Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello from Colorado!

 Hello Everyone!
Two days after the conference in Florida, I flew to sunny Colorado for SPLICE training at Missions Training International. This is a 3 week program of targeted spiritual, cultural and emotional preparation before heading to the field. A week and a half in and the 37 of us living at the conference center have become well acquainted. Our days here are filled with challenging hands on learning dealing with topics such as conflict, expectations, adversity, stress management and cultural adjustment. 
 For more info check out their website:

 On the weekend I was able to visit with Grace, one of my best friends from college who lives near by. We drove up the mountains and took a nice long walk around Dillon Lake. It was wonderful to be out in the chilly air surrounded by such beautiful mountains!
I did come down with pink eye and a cold over the weekend, but Grace's family just took me right into their family for the weekend- contagion and all. Thank you Sims! =)


-As I wrestle and grow with these important concepts before heading to the field
-That I would be teachable and pliable before the Father
-France Visas
-Financial support to be able to leave in January: 
Financial Deadline is December 20th
-Prayer warriors: that God would prompt specific people to be part of a small prayer team
to receive prayer requests from the big and broad to the nitty gritty as I'm on the field
(if you would like to partner with me in this way please email me! =)


Thank you all for your prayers! 
Feel free to email and keep in touch =)

Love from Colorado,


  1. Oops, I commented but think I forgot to do the password.

    I love your pictures. They are simply beautiful. I'll be praying for you!

  2. Hi Amanda! My name is Carey and I am currently in Albertville studying French. Marcia Braun told me that you were coming this winter. Yeah! I'm glad find you online - I did some digging and found your blog. :) If you have any questions about France, feel free to ask - I'll meet you soon. Carey (