Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God at Work!: Hillside Chapel

On Friday, November 11th, 
Hillside Chapel gathered for an evening of international food, fellowship and displays of missionaries from around the world. I stood in front of my display for Gabon, the fellowship hall bursting around me with color, familiar faces and the aroma of delicious food. It was surreal somehow, after 12 years of following God's call to the mission field, to be standing as one of the "missionaries" for the evening, in front of my little table for Gabon. 

I did not yet know what was in store for me that evening, but as I entered the sanctuary for the
evening service, I was overjoyed to be met by my extended family and many of my friends in the Dayton area. The service began and I still did not yet know what lay ahead.

Coming into that evening, I was at about 7% of my monthly support.
A January 1st departure was not looking promising.
The C&MA national office was aware and was waiting with me to see what God would do this final weekend before making a decision of whether or not a January departure was realistic.

That night at Hillside, after sharing how God has and is leading me to teach nursing in Gabon, our Pastor, Chuck Moore came out to announce that they had been planning this evening as a surprise for quite sometime, and that to date, over $21,000 had been raised by Hillside Chapel!
I could hardly believe my ears, to think that my church family had raised so much and been planning this for so long, their love was overwhelming.
As if that wasn't enough, that night an offering was taken,
another $12,000 was given, in addition to many generous monthly and yearly pledges.

A total of over $33,000 was given!
God had brought me from 7% to 75% in one night.
I was leaving in January.

I remain amazed at God's hand at work in every step of this process.
I am honored to be partners with my family at Hillside in reaching the people of Gabon.
I am reminded that it is God who calls,
God who equips those He sends,
and God who will bring those yet unreached to Himself.

Praise God for His hand at work through the faithful love and obedience of the church family at Hillside and the many other individuals who have so sacrificially given.

Praise the Lord!

Still going to the Jungle =),

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