Tuesday, November 29, 2011

God at Work! : MEDSEND

Hello to All! 
Recounting God's hand at work these past few weeks...
1. Project MEDSEND!!! 

On the last day of SPLICE training I received an urgent email. 
I had been in the process of applying to MEDSEND for their loan repayment grant. God had very clearly provided a way to attend Cedarville University, through a new student loan that had been released. I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and double minor in Cross-cultural Nursing and Bible, leaving me well-equipped to head out into the nursing profession, but despite numerous scholarships, in debt around $67,000.
The past 2 years that have followed, I have been living as simply as I can in order to pay off the school loans, by God's grace I was able to reduce that debt to $34,500! 
However, this remaining debt would still prevent me from leaving for the mission field. 

That's where Medsend comes in. 
Medsend is an organization of Christian medical professionals with a heart for missions.
They have sacrificed and put together a "common pot" where they are willing to pay for school loans of medical professionals while they are on the mission field so that they are able to serve the Lord in medical missions.

So on that last day of SPLICE, a couple weeks ago, I received an urgent email to call Medsend. I wasn't really sure what they were going to say, but it didn't look good. 
On the phone with them it was made clear that they wanted to approve me but there was a snag with the format of one of the loans and they weren't sure they were able to approve me for the Parents Plus Loan- the loan that had allowed me to attend Cedarville in the first place and constituted the largest portion of my debt. 
They told me they were having a meeting in the next hour which would determine their decision. 
I realized in that moment that this very hour they were deciding not only whether or not I would receive the grant, but whether I would go to the mission field at all. 
It was a long hour. 
I announced it to the class at SPLICE and during that hour we prayed as our activities went on.
The end of the hour came.
I gave them a few more minutes....
they called back. 
They had found a loop hole regarding the loan and were able to approve me for the Medsend grant!
I was still going to Gabon after all...

I remain amazed at how God uses the body, with each of our individual gifting, to accomplish HIS purpose- to bring those unto Himself, and to make HIS name great among the nations! To each of you reading, you are all part of His purpose along this journey, thank you!
Thank You to Project MEDSEND and all who worked so tirelessly to find that loop hole! 
Thank you to our Great God, who works all things together, according to HIS purpose!

With Joy,


  1. Thank you, Jesus! Amanda, that is wonderful news. :-)

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