Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Slice of SPLICE and C&MA Headquarters.

Hello Everyone! 
These past 14 days have been a whirlwind as I've returned from 3 weeks of SPLICE training in Colorado and attended Pre-field orientation at C&MA headquarters. 
God has been doing amazing things in the days since being back, and the countdown to departure gets shorter and shorter! 
I have a few days to catch my breath, so I'm excited to share with all you what our Great God has been doing! 
But first............a brief slice of SPLICE, a snapshot of the 3 weeks =)

C&MA Headquarters, Colorado Springs
 The afternoon following the end of SPICE, the couple other C&MA international workers and I headed for C&MA headquarters, just a 30 min drive or so from where we had stayed for SPLICE. We spent a day and a half in orientation at the National office for some necessary paperwork and in-services before leaving for the field. We really enjoyed getting to know each other, fellow C&MA family, during our 3 weeks in Colorado.

MTI Training Center
Where we lived, studied and played and some of the people who made it memorable =)

The sunrise outside my window one morning...

...a great way to worship at the start of a new day.

Our dedicated instructors, Tim and Robin =)

Another lively and challenging lecture from Robin
Sarah, ministering with her family to the Native Americans

A fellow redhead ....=)

Stones of testimony - that we may not forget what God has done these 3 weeks!

To remember when the road is tough...


My sisters in Kenya...totally coming to visit! ;-)

Growth group....Love you girls!! =)

Mandy with her family to Uganda

Fellow nurse =) Jean to Ethiopia

I LOVE airplanes!

My friend Grace and I enjoying lunch at an airstrip restaurant with her family.

Saying Goodbyes....

Our SPLICE family.
Thank you for praying for these 3 weeks!
They were indispensable as I prepare for the mission field.


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  1. Hey Amanda, our family attended SPLICE with Robin as our facilitator. It was a great time and we still keep in touch with many from that group. Thanks for posting the photos. Also, as a pilot, I must say that I love the pics of the airplanes a bunch! Get ready for a bunch of airplane rides with "Aviation Medicale de Bongolo" when you get to Gabon! Blessings, Steve and Alace Straw